Rabu, 17 Mei 2017

What are some products in the Southern Living Home Collection

There are three separate furniture collections included in the Southern Living Home Collection, as of the 2015 release online. The first is the Shenandoah Valley collection, inspired by cottages in Virginia. The second is the Blueridge Retreat Series, which takes its cues from mountain homes located in the North Carolina Mountains. Finally, the Urban Heights collection is inspired by urban lofts in cities such as Atlanta, Dallas and Charlotte.
The towels in the Southern Living Collection are scheduled to be available in 16 colors with Southern names such as mint julep (green), Smokey Mountain (grey blue) and barbecue (red). The highest-end pieces include a special fiber that makes the towels resistant to mold and mildew growth.
Southern Living reports it does not manufacture any of the items in the Southern Living Home Collection, instead outsourcing the work to other companies. Outdoor furniture is produced by Northcape International. Indoor furniture is produced by Chromcraft Revington. The towels are scheduled to be produced by Trident. Southern Living does choose the style, fabric and color of each piece, however.

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